How it all started

It all started almost 5 years ago. We looked at existing toothbrushes market and said - can we make it better? Simple as that. We gave it the name VIVI Charcoal Toothbrush. Brush by brush over last few years have sold tens of thousands of charcoal toothbrushes. 

On summer 2016 we came with an updated idea - what if we could make our toothbrushes even more elegant and nice. This time we changed the whole look and feel of the product. We got rid of elements which we thought were non-essential. As a result the handle became light, ergonomic, almost seamless. We  also introduced the monochrome colors of black, white and two shades of grey in between.

To sum it up. We have got no bright decorations, no bling bling. Only the essential and functional aesthetics. By the way, the binchotan charcoal bristles are so soft and gentle it won't hurt you. Neither your gums, nor your teeth enamel. 

Please give it a try. Test, evaluate, see yourself. Share your experience with by letting us know. And make sure to get back to us for new updates, special deals and great news. Keep on brushing!


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